After being associated with the Dominican order for 50 years, Matthew Fox had to leave the Catholic Church; he is now an Episcopal priest. When asked by New Dimensions host Michael Toms why he didn't just go out on his own, he answers, "My incarnational theology forbids going out on my own." Fox then points out that we are living in "a post-denominational era" when deep ecumenism is the best path to take. The fading of boundaries opens the doors for more inter-religious dialogue.

The controversial priest talks about the University of Creation Spirituality where he's working with new models of education that speak to the mind, body, and spirit. He believes that today's youth — especially those who live in the ghetto — are starving for rituals of initiation. Fox is also interested in creating alternative forms of worship that emphasize movement, modern music, and media. This inimitable thinker also comments on the reasons behind the resurgence of interest in angels and his astonishment at the number of business leaders who are probing the connections between spirituality and work.