Psychologjst Robert J. Wicks is the author of more than 12 books on spirituality and growth. He is a professor of Graduate Programs in Pastoral Counseling at Loyola College in Columbia, Maryland. In this handy paperback, he outlines some common resistances to personal and professional growth. Change is hard for us; we have so much invested in old habits, addictions, fixed ideas, and the ways we've always done things. Using his many years of experience in counseling and teaching, Wicks challenges us to "look at the things that bind you and keep you from fuller joy and self-realization."

The author presents 16 "Seeds of Change" including journaling a little each day, pacing the actions in our lives, seeking and emulating inspiring role models, taking the advice of friends who encourage us, and making a space for quiet time in each day. The best part of the book deals with the resistances that batter us down whenever we seek transformation. Wicks says irritating events and worries can teach us about our attachments, needs, images, and fears. He counsels us to see the major role we play in problems and offers ideas on letting go of ingrained styles of perceiving, understanding, and reflecting. Change comes in small steps and these small steps lead to the holy grail of inner freedom.