Caitlin Matthews is a shamanic practitioner in Oxford, England, and the author of many books. She teaches courses on spiritual traditions all over the world. She describes this paperback as a handbook for psychic protection against disturbances of the soul. In these tense times, many people are overcome by feelings of intense fear, panic, and paranoia. Matthews notes:

"Most of the psychic problems we face are motivated by human beings with few ethical or moral boundaries, as well as from our own lack of clarity. By becoming psychically streetwise and by maintaining your spiritual health, you can defend yourself against such problems."

Maintaining a spiritual connection to the Source of Life, according to Matthews, enables us to mine the peace within ourselves. Allowing others to determine our state of mind or behavior is tantamount to being invaded by aliens who drain our energy, leaving us feeling depleted and vulnerable to fears and depressions. The author presents check-lists, danger-point indicators, and reality checks to deal with uninvited guests, people problems, and the unquiet dead.

Many soul disturbances are caused by bad decisions we make such as not being careful whom we invite into our physical, emotional, or mental space. We know a shiatsu practitioner who will not allow anyone who does not have a regular spiritual practice to give her a massage. Resentment, envy, blaming, and scapegoating are seedbeds for psychic disturbances. Live in harmony with others and maintain boundaries that keep you safe. The spiritual housekeeping suggestions by Matthews will engender positive energy in your body, mind, and soul.