In this daybook, Julie Fisher-McGarry, who has been an environmental activist for more than two decades, offers 365 ways to live a sustainable, environmentally responsible lifestyle. She includes personal anecdotes, inspiring quotations, verses of poetry, vegetarian recipes, women's health tips, environmental facts, and tips on where to purchase organic and fair trade products. Here are some things that caught our fancy:

• January 14: websites for conscious crafts
• January 27: suggestions for saving the planet's
• February 1: material on the Women's Sports Foundation
• February 26: a way to put rainforest on your search engine
• March 21: ideas on compassionate food choices
• April 22: ways to celebrate Earth Day
• May 19: material on animal rights
• June 1: suggestions for supporting cat shelters
• October 10: Material on abolishing the fur trade
• November 10: World Children's Day
• December 1: Uniting to Prevent and Cure AIDS