Victoria Moran is an inspirational speaker, a certified life coach, and author of ten books. She believes that it is possible to create a fulfilling and adventuresome life no matter the cultural milieu of the moment. This lively and uplifting collection of 50 short essays will spark your zest for self-nurturing. It is easy to pick up the flavor of the book in the first eight selections.

Moran begins with "Know That You Are Worthy" where she observes: "Nothing you have done, nothing that was done to you, and nothing anyone else has said to you or believed about you erases the inalienable truth that you are one delectable creation." This is wise counsel given the self-doubt and low self-esteem of so many people.

In "Start a Serendipity Log," the author suggests keeping an ongoing list of wonders, delights, and positive coincidences that take place in our lives. We usually keep track of our failures and setbacks but seem to have a harder time honoring the good things that happen to us. Moran also counsels us to "Enlist Our Inner Epicure and Our Inner Chaperon" to help us appreciate the manifold pleasures that come our way and also helps keep us honest by saying no to foolish projects, relationships, and dreams. In "Wake Up and Smell the Morning," we are challenged to treat ourselves to the riches of the early morning hours. Our days will go better if we "Expect the Best." Our gratitude for what we have will be enhanced when we "Give Something Away." In "Behold The Thousand-Pound Gorilla," Moran gives a field guide to confronting the biggest issue of our lives that we would prefer to avoid.

There are many topics of interest in the rest of the book. Here are a few more that caught our fancy: Slow Down, Wash the Dishes With All Your Heart, Keep Your Sunny Side Up, Ease the E-Mail Onslaught, Detox Your Body, Give Peace a Chance, and Proceed Despite Detractors. Moran has the same energy and creative spunk as Sarah Ban Breathnach (a href="">Simple Abundance), and it shows in the many examples of everyday spirituality in this excellent book.