Jan Schubert teaches in a preschool program at the Waldorf School in California. She has been an educator for 22 years. This children’s picture book which she wrote and illustrated is designed for ages three to five years. The illustrations were created with naturally dyed wool fibers and felted in layers to create depth.

In response to the warmth of the sun, the Earth nurtures a plant whose tender stem moves slowly upwards. The seedling pokes its head through the soil and takes in the blessings of light. She drinks the "delicious root-soup” made by Mother Earth and rejoices in the sun which accompanies her journey of growth. Then magically, the plant becomes a golden flower. The sun kisses her face and sends bees with the message, "We are the sun's messengers and we bring you greetings." Seeds fall to the ground, and Mother Earth wraps then up in some leaves so they can take a long winter sleep.

The Sun Seed by Jan Schubert offers a wonderful understanding of Mother Earth as a loving and nurturing presence in the life of plants. This top-drawer picture book will help young ones to cherish the Earth as an ally and not just see it as a resource intended purely for human use. Reading this book aloud to their loved ones, adults will savor the chance to celebrate Mother Earth, nurturing, the interdependence of all creation, and the wonders of the seasons.