Janell Moon is a counselor, writing instructor, and women's circle workshop leader. She is the author of Stirring the Waters and The Wise Earth Speaks to Your Spirit.

Large numbers of people are leaving religious institutions to find their own spiritual path. They are looking for resources, and this book on new sources of prayer may speak to many of them. It is divided into four parts: "Prayers of Wonder" (coming into the present, attention, gratitude), "Prayers of Possibility" (asking for help, healing, clarifying our beliefs), "Prayers for Living Your Dreams" (imagination, dreams. creating a vision), and "Tipping the Balance" (prayer for others, for love of country and the world, and for the earth).

Moon presents brief prayers which come from experience and values which we hold dear. She offers prayer exercises, anecdotes, and examples of all the possibilities for a rich devotional life. Here is a sampler of one-line prayers:

• Beauty everywhere.

• Spirit, in me, shine.

• May the best be done.

• There is everything here for me.

• Every step I take is on the path of prayer.

• I am alive with feeling. I bless my body.

• Let me be a vehicle for positive change.

• Together we belong.

• Just to start begins it all.

• Heart, spirit, let me be with you.

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