Jonathan London has written numerous books on nature, and in this book designed for children 4 through 8 years old, he shares his respect for the journey made by Emperor penguins from birth to maturity.

An adorable little penguin hatches from an egg and discovers that he is cradled on his father's feet. There are no delinquent dads in this community huddled together in the cold.

Just when father runs out of milk, mother arrives back from a long trek to the sea where she has filled up with fish, squid, and krill for her chick. After eating, the little penguin plays while his dad sleeps after three exhausting months of nearly starving.

After five months of cavorting with his peers, the little penguin is ready to go down to the sea. Under water, he is frightened by a close encounter with a nasty leopard seal. He gathers his own food and in four years will be able to make the ancient journey back to the breeding grounds where he can repeat the nurturing actions of his father.

Children will adore the cute illustrations by Julie Olson of the playful Emperor penguins as infants whose survival is dependent on the ability of their parents in alternating shifts to protect them from the cold and to feed them well. This endearing book challenges kids to walk the royal road of reverence for these hearty creatures.