His Holiness the Dalai Lama and may other Tibetan teachers have spoken of their great surprise at discovering just how much self-hatred Westerners carry around with them. Such an intense degree of self-blame is not found in traditional Buddhist cultures where there is an understanding that the heart-mind, also known as Buddha nature, is unconditionally open, compassionate, and wholesome. Since we are all Buddhas in the making, why would anyone want to constantly put oneself down?

This book is a primer on feeling loved and lovable. It's a trip through the alphabet based on a popular song from the 1940s:
"A You're adorable
"B You're so beautiful
"C You're a cutie full of charms"

This board board mellow illustrations by Martha Alexander is for children eighteen months to three years old. Again and again the text pushes self-esteem and self-cherishing. This is a very good thing!