A creative little boy loves his home and takes great pleasure in cataloguing all the things within it. But when it comes right down to it, he likes doors best. He keeps the one in his bedroom open a crack at night so he can slip out whenever he wishes. Without a door, the boy muses:

"I'd be trapped in one place
Like a fish in a bowl
A bird in a cage
Or a post in a hole."

He sees more doors in dreams and marvels at their ability to transport us to faraway places. When he grows up, this enthusiastic boy who is so filled with reverence may want to become a Sufi! These Muslim mystics make a ritual out of crossing a threshold to another place.

When we finished this enchanting book designed for children four to eight years by David Weale with illustrations by Pierre Platt, we rejoiced in the imagination of the little boy and his capacity to see a world abounding in wonders.