Poet and naturalist Wendell Berry once said, "This place, if I am to live well in it, requires and deserves a lifetime of the most careful attention." We often take for granted the place where we live and as a result we miss the wonders of the natural world. The award-winning author and biologist Viola Davis and illustrator Mark Hearld have fashioned a stunning "first book of nature" for children ages three and up. They chart the surprises and developments of the four seasons, adding in brief and creative explanations of nature's ways.

For example, right outside your window in "Spring," bulbs are exploding, ice is melting, tadpoles are coming to life, dandelions are blooming "like little suns," the birds are returning from their long journeys, the tails of lambs are wagging, rainbows appear like magic, and it's time to plant seeds. There is plenty more to affirm, honor, and celebrate in the remaining three seasons.

Families and schools can use this book to help children become informed observers of what's happening outside their windows.