In recent years, thousands of Chinese girls have been adopted by American parents. What does this experience mean to the child and the new mother? Motherbridge of Love is a charity founded by Xinrad, an acclaimed Chinese author, broadcaster, and journalist. One of its goals is to create a connection between China and the West so that adopted Chinese children can be assisted in finding their cultural roots. For more on this project visit

The text of this award-winning children's book was anonymously submitted to the charity. It celebrates love and family in a creative and emotionally touching way. Here a little Chinese girl considers the two different lives that made her: her birth mother who gave her life and the adoptive mother who taught her to live it. One gave the little girl emotions; the other was there to calm her fears. One gave her a body, the other taught her games. One witnessed her first smile while the other dried her tears.

Motherbridge of Love with illustrations by Josee Masse pays tribute to the different kinds of love and the good fortune of adopted children to sample and remember both.