Jeanne is a lively and spunky little girl. She and her mom have fun in the park but when they return home, Jeanne refuses to change into clean clothes or pick up her toys before dinner. Already angered by the vehemence of her no's, her mother is shocked when Jeanne screams: "I want another mom! I want Sophie's mom. She is nice!" So her mother takes her to her friend's house for a sleepover. This gives the angry and negative little girl time to think over her true feelings about her mom.

No, No, No! is a children's picture book written by Marie-Isabelle Callier and illustrated by Annick Masson. It is from the press of the American Psychological Association. It deals with the very difficult subject of defiance during the transitional period from toddlerhood to childhood. In a "Note to Parents and Other Caregivers" Elizabeth McCallum, an associate professor in the school psychology program at Duquesne University, gives these tips for dealing with normal childhood defiance: set limits and follow through with consequences, use positive reinforcement, encourage independence by allowing your child to make choices, pick your battles, set realistic expectations for behavior, put yourself in your child's shoes, and have a sense of humor. No, No, No! is aimed at children from ages 4 - 8.