A little girl who lives in an apartment building in the city is the narrator of this delightful story that salutes the spiritual practice of hospitality. A new neighbor moves in, and the little girl's parents are shocked when they find out he is a dog. He proves himself to be a friendly fellow bringing the newspaper to the little girl's apartment every day. Things get more complicated when two elephants move in, and her parents get upset that their sheets take up too much space on the clothesline. They really get mad when a crocodile takes an apartment in the building.

This children's picture book by Isabel Minhos Martins knocks down a long-held myth that all kids will become bigots if their parents are bigots. Here the little girl expresses her respect for all the animals moving in as her neighbors and is also a good listener when they share their feelings with her. The clever and snappy illustrations by Madalena Matoso are in sync with the story which is suitable for children from ages 3 to 7. The city is a place where it is easier to accept diversity yet even here it is hard for some to open their hearts and minds to change.