Maha Ghosananda is the Supreme Patriarch of Cambodian Buddhism. For years he has worked with refugees and victims of the Khmer Rouge reign of terror. Dith Pran once called him "the dreamkeeper of Cambodia" on account of his keeping alive the heritage of the people.

In this deeply spiritual and inspiring collection of talks and writings this Buddhist monk celebrates the virtues of equanimity, compassion, mindfulness, living in the present moment, and loving kindness. But the heart and soul of "Step by Step" is his vision of making peace. It is a path that is chosen consciously. It requires silence and the ability to listen. Making peace also involves the skills of teamwork and cooperation.

Maha Ghosananda's humanity comes through in a vignette about his meeting with Pope John Paul II on the Vatican steps. When Cambodians greet persons of special importance they offer a long and warm embrace. Then they gently lift the honored one into the air. This expresses the feeling, "I have deep reverence for your being." When the small monk tried this with the Pope he hurt his arm. He concludes that compassion must always be allied with wisdom!