Bil Lepp is a nationally known storyteller and has been featured numerous times at the National Storytelling Festival, at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and at major events across the country. For more on his work visit

In this engaging and fanciful children's picture book, writer Bil Lepp and illustrator David T. Wenzel have created a wonder-full story about honoring and treating kindly all the small things in our life: buttons, nails, locks, keys, combs, etc. We usually take them for granted instead of showering them with the affection and thanks they deserve.

Long ago and far away, we meet the King of Little Things who is perfectly content in his small realm where he feeds the birds, leaves crumbs for the ants, and plants flowers for the bees. But another ruler, King Normous wants power over all the world and goes to war to prove his prowess. When he learns that the King of Little Things is the only one he has not conquered, he attacks with his army but is surprised by what happens.

What are the messages for children? Do not under-estimate the importance of the little things in your life. Be content with the small and the simple for they provide much pleasure. Remember the wise words of John Chrysostom: "Attention to little things is a great thing."