Karen Tate is an independent scholar, speaker, published author, and social justice activist. This collection of conversations is from Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio hosted by Karen Tate for nine years. For many women this program has been both a lifeline and a spiritual toolkit providing them with ideas, practices, and activities to do as part of their campaign to shift away from patriarchal ideas and ideals.

In her introduction, Tate outlines how patriarchy stands on the four legs of a stool: racism, sexism, environmental and cultural exploitation. The results of this rampant bigotry is that although women are 52% of the population, less than 20% of the leadership in politics, academia, corporate boardroom and religious institutions are female. The Sacred Feminine paradigm offers, according to Tate, a spiritual model that weaves concepts of wisdom, compassion, and unconditional love plus other metaphysical, shamanic, pagan, and magical practices.

Among the most interesting conversations here are "My Prayer: Let Women Be Priests" by Father Roy Bourgeois, "The Virgin Mary and Her Many Faces" by Charlene Spretnak, "Antidote to Terrorism" by Jean Shinoda Bolen, and "Healing, Freedom and Transformation Through the Sacred Feminine" by Jann Aldrege-Clanton.