"For humanity to grow up, human beings will have to open up, live with our souls in the spaciousness of open awareness. We think we need new technologies, strategies, programs, agendas, causes, policies, perspectives, pictures, paradigms, and ideas. We scurry around in all these cars and ignore the horse." So writes William Helbing in this paperback which he wrote after conducting nine years of weekly discussions at the North Hawaii Education and Research Center in Honokaa. He hopes that the Wisdom Project will be a catalyst to create more human and humane conversations.

Helbing has a good eye and ear for quotations which are scattered throughout the book. They do what they were meant to do — directing us to a deeper exploration of controversial issues. The times are ripe for adults to gather together for conversations that are edifying and adventuresome. Helbing covers many of the hot philosophical issues of the day. Those who consider themselves Spiritually Independents will be especially interested in reading and discussing The Wisdom Project.