Deborah K. Heisz is the cofounder and editorial director of Live Happy magazine and former founding editor-in-chief of Success magazine. In this wide-ranging book, she has chosen ten key practices of a happy life.
At the top of the list is attitude:

"Your attitude is the way you look at life. It's a judgment you hold — consciously or unconsciously — about others, yourself, your circumstances, and the world around you. And it is the most powerful tool you can use to craft a happy life. It is, in fact, essential to your happiness. Your attitude — whether positive or negative — affects the way you experience the world. It also lays the foundation for every other happiness practice."

Under this thematic umbrella, you will find helpful essays by a variety of authors on discovering and achieving dreams, saying yes to life, taking note of the good, looking forward, and pondering the science behind the wisdom of a positive attitude.

We were pleased to see that Heisz has included in her list of ten key practices three that appear in our Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy — connection(s), gratitude, and meaning. We agree that the remaining practices are crucial to choosing joy: creativity, mindfulness, health, resilience, spirituality, and giving back.

There are plenty of stories, resources, and the latest scientific research in Live Happy. By the time you reach the end of the book, you will have been introduced to many new ways of experiencing and sharing happiness. The writers of these essays exude a vitality that bears witness to their advocacy of positive psychology. We end with a quotation from Melody Beattie which shows the energy in the spiritual practice of gratitude:

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."