"Grieving the dead is one of the most challenging experiences of being alive," writes Dr. Ron Wolfson in the foreword to this excellent anthology. "It is a process that engulfs the whole of us -- our minds, our hearts, even our bodies. Grief sweeps over us like waves crashing on the beach, threatening to drown us in salty tears of mourning and loss. Yet Judaism provides us a wide path on the road to healing."

This handy and helpful resource contains articles and essays on practices, rituals and spiritual perspectives on this primal human experience. Here you will find insights on what happens to us after we die, yearning for God in the midst of suffering and loss, the varied emotions of grief, the great silence of doubt, remembering and letting go, choosing life, becoming a blessing, and recovering wonder.

Among the many Jewish authors represented here are David A. Cooper, Arthur Green, Lawrence Kushner, Naomi Levy, Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, and Rami Shapiro.

According to the editors, the message of this paperback on the path of grief and healing is: You are not alone. God is with you through the presence, caring, and compassion of family, friends, and community.

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