Animals have always been great spiritual teachers and allies of human beings. In countless stories, myths and dreams, they serve as wise elders imparting insights to our world and the inner realms within us.

Today many people are trying to kindle a meaningful connection with the energy of animals. In Animal Frequency Melissa Alvarez presents exercises and guided mediations to enable us to identify, attune, and connect with 200 wild, domestic, and mythical creatures.

Alvarez has written ten books and 50 articles on self-help, spirituality, and wellness. In this paperback, she includes the following information for each animal:

  • Talents
  • Traits
  • Challenges
  • Element(s)
  • Primary Color(s)
  • Appearances
  • Assists When
  • Frequency
  • Imagine

Among some of our favorite animals here are bear, wolf, peacock, dolphin, swan, chicken, turtle, and cat (see excerpt). Alvarez is also the creator of the Animal Frequency Oracle Cards, which has a limited First Edition print run of 250 decks numbered and signed by the author.