"Your spiritual growth is demonstrated by the character traits you exhibited in your relationships" is one example of the collected wisdom of Ilchi Lee, a Taoist master from South Korea. This path is a blend of Lee's own life experiences and Sundo, an ancient mind-body training. He is the author of 41 books and the founder of Body & Brain Yoga and Brain Education.

Lee ends the Introduction with the following:

"May our minds meet as one, causing the flames of our lives to burn brighter and, as it receives the warmth of that energy, may the flower of the Tao bloom fully in your heart."

Lee points to the use of the line "I see you" in the movie Avatar. It is used by the people of Pandora and conveys "love, gratitude, respect, and a desire to communicate." He encourages us to "see the Tao" in the place beyond the limits of rational thought. "To see the Tao, we must take away the blindfold of judgment, ideas, and ego that blinds our eyes.

The twelve chapters in his paperback outline the bounties of walking the path of Tao — seeing the big picture, accepting the reality of life, the three bodies, the five issues of life, the evolution of love, and the illusion of death.

One of our favorite chapters covers Five Character Traits for the Growth of the Soul. This task is so important that Zen initiates develop their character traits through nine years of study — three years of cleaning, three years of firewood collecting, and three years of cooking.

The five character traits essential to the growth of the soul are honesty, sincerity, responsibility, courtesy, and faithfulness. Lee sees this nurturance as life enhancing; it creates a beautiful character.