In this age of global spirituality, many are turning to a multifaith perspective. While one path may take most of your time and practice, there is wisdom and pleasure in exploring many other paths as well. Those who choose to dialogue with members of other religions may find themselves lifted by the adventure of exploring the great ocean of Oneness that is the source of all spirituality. Sooner or later, these seekers may want to find a community where they can work with other multifaith organizations to mend the world.

Jeffrey Paine, the author of Re-enchantment and Father India, is an open-minded pilgrim who has written an edifying and entertaining book about his journey to Crestone, Colorado — a small mountain town which has become a mecca for 25 religious centers which live and flourish side by side.

Paine introduces us to an eclectic group of inhabitants who, as seekers of many truths, are hospitable to others. Here are Christian mystics, Tibetan monks, Buddhists, Sufis, and others who offer retreats, sweat-lodge experiences, centers for sacred dance and voice, a labyrinth, and much more to try.

Paine reveals how dualism doesn't belong in this place he calls "a Wild West Jerusalem." Enlightenment is possible in Crestone where being fully human is a noble path to follow.