Fay Johnstone has savored the presence, beauty, and sacred relationship she has had with plants as a former owner of a flower and herb farm in Nova Scotia along with the reverence she has for the green world through her shamanic training. She has great respect for the variety of ways we can connect with plants such as gardening, spending quality time in the natural world, being tutored in herbal medicine, and
seeking a balanced lifestyle.

This top-drawer paperback is divided into two sections — "Rediscovering Your Nature Self" and "Building Plant Relationships — Practical Steps to Open Your Senses to the Natural World." Here you will find material and insights into co-creating with nature, connecting with plant consciousness, meeting the spirit of plants, and receiving healing gifts (tools for communication and interpretation). We were especially impressed with "Growing from Seed," a meditation, and "Asking Nature for the Answer," an exercise.