All of us have experienced magic moments of sychronicity: the anticipation of a phone call seconds before ringing, a chance meeting with an old friend who has just the advice we need, the macabre connection with the death of a loved one thousands of miles away. These happenings, says Carol Lynn Pearson, signal the hidden meaning in the universe. In this delightful volume, she shares some of the coincidences that happened in her life over a three-year period. The author of more than 30 books and plays made a conscious effort to record these events and then to ponder them for meaning. As she writes: "Leonardo da Vinci said that much of his creativity came from the fact that he looked for the hidden meaning behind every event in his life. I now look at everything that happens to me and ask myself, if this event were a metaphor in the poem of my life, what might it mean? What are the layers of richness and insight I might discover if I mine this synchronistic symbol? Tragedies, joys, triumphs, failures, frustrations, crises — I assume that behind every development, small and large, is something else, something meaningful, a hidden gift, that if received with grace and used with reverence, invites me a step higher on my journey."

Pearson divides the book into chapters on family; death and beyond; God, angels, heaven, hell; peace on Earth; do not judge, giving and receiving; a friend on the other side, little lessons; and from darkness into light. Whether writing about the worried brow of Jesus, a pan of cinnamon rolls, the death of her daughter, watching the video of Godspell where the cast sings "It's All for the Best" on top of one of the Twin Towers, or Emily Dickinson, Pearson challenges us to pay closer attention to what is going on in our lives and to seek synchronicity everywhere. She is a meaning maker par excellence and an excellent tutor in this ongoing process.