The Millennium Myth by Michael Grosso is a brilliant and mind-expanding overview of a subject that ought to be on the minds of all forward-thinking individuals. The author presents his "reconnaissance report" on the Millennium Myth from the times of Zoroaster and the Babylonian creation ethic through the recent attention give to channelers, near-death visionaries, UFO contactees, and angel seers. Throughout this sweeping survey, Grosso keeps his balance by showing the swings between darkness and light.

Sections on Joachim of Fiore, the Enlightenment, New Age America, Technocalypse Now, and the Future of Death are trenchant. As a guide through the maze of alternate worlds espoused by visionaries, prophets, utopianists, artists, and others, Grosso lances the dangers of dogma, dualism, and demonizing. He also celebrates the spiritual vitality and variety afoot in our times. Grosso challenges us to work through these millennium images and to take what is helpful and hopeful from them for our inner soulmaking work.