This is an engaging and jubilant memoir by a woman who has served for 30 years as a high school teacher, counselor, administrator, campus minister, residence hall director, and college dean. The author reflects upon her call to become a nun as "a mysterious invitation from God." Jackowski celebrates this sisterhood with other women as a source of meaning, joy, and fulfillment. "For nuns, it always seemed like it's only what's inside a person that really counted."

Jackowski has reveled over the years in the community's respect for silence and its dedication to mystery. Sisters view all work as God's work and that includes everything from cooking and manual labor to service of others. Although the number of nuns seem to be declining, Jackowski believes that others will feel the call to this divine madness where community, independence, and creativity are all expressions of divine life. "I cannot imagine a life richer than the one I know now," concludes the author.