In New & Selected Essays, Denise Levertov wrote: "People turn to poems for some kind of illumination, for revelations that help them to survive, to survive in Spirit, not only in body. These revelations are usually not of the unheard-of but of what lies around us unseen or forgotten." In this book, Denise Levertov presents 38 poems which convey her journey from agnosticism to Christianity. Her spiritual response to mystery is not explanation but celebration. Her poems savor both the anguish and the ardor of life. Ever attentive, Levertov delights in the details which contain hints of the divine. A few of our favorites are "The Avowal" about grace, "What the Fig Tree Said" about the spiritual practice of imagination, and "Of Being" about the awe that takes us out of ourselves. Denise Levertov also honors her spiritual mentors with poems in tribute to St. Peter, Brother Lawrence, Thomas Merton, and Julian of Norwich.