Imagination is spiritual perception. Authenticity is spiritual practice," writes M.C. Richards in this book. This Renaissance woman made her mark with the watershed book Centering in 1964 and followed it up with The Crossing Point, a 1973 collection of essays. This volume, edited by Deborah J. Haynes, brings together her writings since 1974.

M.C. Richards now lives in a Camphill Village community with disabled adults in Kimberton, Pennsylvania, where the biodynamic method of agriculture is practiced. This philosophical artist has a piece in the book on agriculture as a schooling for spiritual perception. She writes about interdisciplinary studies in "Black Mountain College." In "The Public School and the Education of the Whole Person" the accent is on integrating body, soul, and spirit. In all of these essays, Richards celebrates imagination as a faculty that gives breadth and depth to all of our experiences and explorations. The best piece of all links creativity with awe. Here Richards spins out ways awe can become a spiritual practice, a discipline, and a way of life. Opening Our Moral Eye gives creativity a good workout.