Thirty-seven essays are included in this volume edited and with introductions by Ellen Bernstein. The editor, who founded "Keepers of the Earth," an organization dedicated to "cultivating the ecological thinking and practices integral to Jewish life," has organized this resource into sections on place, time, and community. The intent is to show how the idea of God as creator and of nature as a manifestation of God can inspire individuals to live environmentally aware and balanced lives.

Using biblical, rabbinical, medieval, and contemporary perspectives, a variety of authors discuss the ecological values of the biblical creation story, traditional law, holiday cycles, prayer, and good deeds. The best essays are "Shabbat and the Sabbatical Year" by Dan Fink, "The Blessings of Holiness" by Lawrence Troster, and "How Community Forms a Jew" by Ellen Bernstein. This anthology lifts up and accentuates the connections between nature and the sacred in Jewish thought.