Rabbi Azriel Abraham (1902-1998) taught and lectured throughout Israel on a wide range of topics explaining the Torah, Kavannah (mystical meditation), and Kabbalah. Bob Waxman was his student for 13 years. This informative paperback contains his conversations with Rabbi Abraham. It is organized into chapters on the soul's religion, the tree of life, death, waiting for the Messiah, the sacred name of God, before the universe, lost books of the Bible, and much more.

Rabbi Abraham states: "The goal of the Kabbalah is to help you understand the hidden meanings of the Bible and the concealed mysteries of the Universe. Through Kabbalah you will uncover the deepest secrets of Life, Creation, and the Soul. You'll experience an incredible sense of illumination from within, and a greater understanding of your life's purpose." This spiritual path is not only for Jews but for all who are interested in the bounties of unity, love, and compassion. Or as Rabbi Abraham puts it — "We are all sparks from the same fire." As an instruction manual, the Kabbalah tells us "to stop trying to acquire, possess, manipulate, force or direct your life by controlling people, places and things." Instead, we are to serve and obey God and perform good deeds of kindness, love, and compassion.