Robert Maclennan has been a publisher of print and electronic resources for the Anglican Church of Canada for the past 10 years and editor for the previous 20 years. Ever since Daniel Goleman released his bellwether volume on Emotional Intelligence in 1995, there has been much more interest in the feelings and passions that animate our lives. The author of this paperback is convinced that emotions are the spice of life and they play an important role in nurturing our devotional life and interaction with other people and the world in which we live. He presents 44 meditations on various emotions, beginning with a biblical quotation and ending with a connection with the nature and some questions.

We were happy to see a number of practices from our alphabet of spiritual literacy — compassion, gratitude, hope, joy, kindness, love and peace. There are also musings on such powerful emotions as anger, envy, fear, hate, scorn, and shame. We all need more practice in working with our emotions, and this brief workbook is just the right ticket to start such a project as part of your devotional life.