New Releases

The Karma of Cats Spiritual teachers on their appreciation of cats' roles in their lives…
Energize Brings energy front-and-center.
Great Love in Little Ways A sweet little book that will immerse you in kindness.
The Way of Heart & Beauty An impressive collection of Taoist wisdom drenched in mystery.
Deep Hope A wonderful reading and interpretation of the Buddhist paramitas.
American Nightmare A sobering analysis of where the United States is being led by the Tru…
Unteachable Lessons A generous probing of stages of the spiritual journey from a deeply pe…
Science and Spiritual Practices A biologist's adventures making connections between science and relig…
Meister Eckhart's Book of Secrets Samples from Meister Eckhart's writings on the marvelous and manifold …
The Violence of Organized Forgetting The rise of a new authoritarianism in America

Children's Books

Sulwe A magical tale of learning to be at home in one's skin.
Pokko and the Drum A young frog's adventures with driving her parents nuts and musically …
I Knew You Could Do It! A celebration of gumption, grit, and accomplishment.
Hummingbird A ruby-throated hummingbird's amazing flight north, described with lyr…

Our Philosophy

When reading exercises your faith, fires your imagination, stirs your soul, and expands your circle of compassion, it is a spiritual practice. Frederic and Mary Ann share some specific ways they deepen their reading experiences.

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