New Releases

Consuming Passions A superb glimpse of the far-reaching and immersive nature of consumer …
Patriotism and the American Land A bold reframing of patriotism and taking care of the good earth.
Erosion A collection of essays about losses in land, home, self, the body, and…
The Forgotten Americans A politically astute assessment of the plight of those left behind in …
What We Talk about When We Talk about Books Reassurance that whatever the medium, immersion in a world of words wi…
The Bodies in Person A quest to find out more about the civilian casualties in the Iraq and…
A Place for Us Advocacy for a revitalization of America's civil society.
Find Your Mantra A handy spur to your devotional life.
Everyday Politics A cogent, enlightening, and bold vision of democracy that transcends p…
Bodyfulness A practical guide toembracing the body's wisdom.

Children's Books

It Feels Good to Be Yourself An engaging, helpful introduction to varied gender expressions.
You Are Never Alone A joyously loving book about the myriad of natural connections that su…
Big Breath Endearing watercolor illustrations and gentle instructions for breathi…
What If ... Imaginative reflections on how to heal the world when we don't limit t…

Our Philosophy

When reading exercises your faith, fires your imagination, stirs your soul, and expands your circle of compassion, it is a spiritual practice. Frederic and Mary Ann share some specific ways they deepen their reading experiences.

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