Plants are living, changing beings that bring beauty and delight into our lives. They also offer us ample opportunities to practice the spirituality of what Judith Handelsman calls communication, connection, and communion. Using lively stories from her years of gardening as well as from the experiences of others, she presents five attitude changes which grow out of the process of spiritual gardening.

Number one: Come out of the closet about talking to plants. Number two: Ask your plants for help while you're relating to them. Number three: Be open to the unique ways plants are communicating with you. Number four: Become one with your plants through silence, stillness, and awareness. Number five: Stop treating plants as objects and cherish your reciprocal relationship with them.

Handelsman's enthusiasm is salutary, especially in her accounts of the spiritual etiquette she uses when repotting plants or picking and pruning in her garden. This superb audio presentation is another fine example of the breadth and depth of everyday spirituality in our times.