"Kindness is the secret password whereby we recognize our connection to one another. Kindness is the vehicle for all positive interaction, and the absence of kindness, the opportunity for all our crimes," write the editors of this collection of stories and inspirational quotations. Even countless volunteers in America devote their time and energy to making the world a better place, millions of other people yearn for a more vibrant sense of connection with others in their everyday lives.

This paperback contains brief stories about those who have received or witnessed acts of kindness. They include a depressed woman who is cheered up by a complete stranger, an open house in a neighborhood to draw people closer together, and a person who volunteers to help others in a flood control effort. There are also vignettes about the potential for community in romantic relationships, friendship, local associations, and international movements. The editors of the Random Acts of Kindness series from Conari Press have put together a handy resource for all those who are desirous of being "midwives of a new world based on kindness, compassion, and inclusiveness."