As It Is: Spiritual Journaling - 2020 (Aug. 3 - 28) Guidance on using spiritual journaling to explore interior, interpersonal, social, and sacred realities. You
Dark Nights of the Soul (Aug. 3 - 28) Concrete ways to make sense of dark nights like the COVID-19 pandemic and discover life-transforming benefits from them. Transformation
Revelations of 12 Master Artists (July 6 - 31) How paintings speak to our perceptions of self, vision, and meaning. Vision
Time Out of Ordinary Time (July 6 - 31) Practices to comfort, nourish, and prepare us to re-dream the world in a time of pandemic. Vision
Thomas Keating's The Secret Embrace (Aug. 31 - Sept. 25) Reflections on Thomas Keating's eight final poems. Devotion
Choosing to Love - 2020 (Aug. 31 - Sept. 25) An exploration of the deep experience of belonging. Love
Wisdom of the Christian Mystics (Nov. 2 - 27) A celebration of some of the women and men who have explored the Mystery of life. Faith
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