Practicing Spirituality with Native Americans Perspectives on respect for the Earth, all creatures, the Great Spirit, and our interconnections. Reverence
Practicing Spirituality with Anglicans Thought-provoking quotes and practices from Episcopalian preachers, teachers, and spiritual directors. Devotion
Practicing Spirituality with Protestants Progressive Protestant teachings on love, justice, prayer, and social action. Justice
Practicing Spirituality with Catholics An exploration of this enchanted world of devotional and contemplative practices. Devotion
Practicing Spirituality with Jews Quotes and practices that reinforce this tradition's emphasis on the sacredness of everyday life. Devotion
Practicing Spirituality with Buddhists An abundant repository of wise practices you can use on your spiritual journey. Being Present
Practicing Spirituality with Taoists Encouragement to lead a more balanced, energetic, resilient, and respectful life. Openness
Practicing Spirituality with Sufis An awesome compendium of wisdom, both practical and profound, from the mystical expression of Islam. Yearning
Practicing Spirituality with Hindus A view into the experiential heart of the world's oldest living religion. Devotion
Practicing Spirituality with the World's Religions An exploration of interspirituality — the commonalities among the religions. Hospitality
Practicing Spirituality with Quakers Resources to lighten your burdens, keep your soul alive, and inspire you to work for others. Silence
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