Fear Twists Everything

"The world is indeed a dangerous place, and obviously there are times when the worst we fear does happen. Yet what did being sick with dread ever do to protect us? Fear neither causes the thing feared to happen nor prevents it. It is mere static. It is an absence of music. It is not power. There is calmness at the center of us, a very deep well of happiness that cannot be exhausted, but it will never be experienced while our perceptions are twisted by doubt and fear."
How to Live in the World and Still be Happy

The Connection Between Peace and Not Rushing

"Peace is the willingness not to rush. You can always tell an ego impulse by the little sense of urgency you will feel: ' Do it quickly before it's too late.' Too late for what? In your rush to be unhappy, notice how vague and confused you are about the reasons for not pausing and becoming clear. 'Hurry or there will be consequences.' But what consequences? Do not be afraid to stop and examine this argument. Our scared little ego places great value on not wasting time, on being fast, on the quick opinion, the immediate retort. So remind yourself that a moment's stopping is not a waste. Practice being slow--slow to react, slow to anger, slow to judge, slow to have an opinion. . .

"Take the time to look in your heart and be clear. Practice doing each thing in peace. Walk through life being whole. Make your mind your clear, whole, peaceful home. Do not be afraid to admit to yourself how important your mind is to you, and do not be afraid to act this out by pausing as often as needed. The time has come to be very direct. Do you want to be happy? Then you want to have peace. There is nothing more to happiness than this.'
How to Live in the World and Be Happy


"My growth doesn't seem to be a matter of learning new lessons but of learning the old lessons again and again. Wisdom doesn't change, only the situations."
Standing on My Head: Life Lessons in Contradictions

Tap Your Love Potential

"Your potential as a healer is limitless. Is it not true that you have something of value to offer? Haven't you seen some evidence in your life of your potential to give a gift that will gladden the heart of someone else? Haven't you been kind? Haven't you uplifted? Haven't you helped someone at some time not to feel isolated and misunderstood? And is that potential in you not worth your effort to release more fully, and consistently? Your potential is love. And love is of God. To make others happy will do far more than make you happy. It will begin to release the world from pain and turn hell into Heaven."
Shining Through: Switch On Your Life and Ground Yourself in Happiness

Forgive and Be Happy

"This is the lesson; this is all that is being learned: Forgiveness truly is the key to happiness, to simple liking, to heartfelt contentment, to the enjoyment of other people, to remaining present, and to the certainty that we already exist in freedom. Just forgive, merely relax and let go of dislikes and justified resentments, simply forget grievances and bleak anticipations, just set all things free of dark memories and cruel expectations. Let loose, let go, let be, and the earth cannot help but sing and your heart dance with it. Forgive and be happy. That is the ancient secret, the inner teaching, the hidden answer, the lost knowledge, the message of the still, quiet voice, and the only wisdom ever to be attained."
Shining Through: Switch On Your Life and Ground Yourself in Happiness

Letting Go of Expectations

"The moment I want something from another person, my happiness is compromised. Each time I try to influence someone, I set myself up as a victim, because it's impossible to get perfect cooperation from anyone. Today I will observe that I survive just fine without my expectations being met or my demands obeyed. In fact, letting go, I am left with the peace that is already mine."
Morning Notes: 365 Meditations to Wake You Up

Clean Up Your Act Within

"In our houses of worship, we pay lip service to the truth that our bodies are mortal but our internal spirit is everlasting. We sing hymns and listen to words that denounce the outward and corruptible and praise the inner and eternal. We even say that time will end and the world will pass away but that 'within us' is the kingdom of heaven.

"Yet in daily life, we obviously are not concerned in the least about what is within. All we care about is getting the outside clean. Each day we walk forth with clean clothes, clear hair, clean teeth, but with a mind stuffed with worthless anxieties, dull resentments, stale outlooks, toxic prejudices, and an endless array of shabby self-images. We haven't even bothered to sweep out the mental junk we picked up yesterday, not to speak of the debris we have been hauling around for a lifetime."
The Little Book of Letting Go


"By holding ourselves back, we trade the opportunity to find out who we are for the illusion of safety."
Standing on My Head: Life Lessons in Contradictions