Angeles Arrien
• Cultural anthropologist and educator
• Consultant to businesses, organizations, and institutions
• Founder and President of the Angeles Arrien Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research.
Robert N. Bellah
• Elliott Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of California
• Expert on role of religion in pre-modern and modern societies
• Best-selling author on American culture
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Daniel Berrigan
• Catholic priest, teacher, poet, and retreat leader
• Nonviolent peace and justice activist
• Member of a Jesuit community in New York City
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Marcus J. Borg
• Jesus scholar and fellow of The Jesus Seminar
• Accessible teacher of the Christian way as a path of transformation
• Progressive Christian and advocate for compassion and justice
Beatrice Bruteau
• Christian philosopher
• Founder of Schola Contemplatonis, a network of contemplatives
• Pioneer of interspirituality
Sri Chinmoy
• International spiritual leader, author, poet
• Devoted his life to the pursuit of world peace
• Founder of Sri Chinmoy Centres International
William Sloane Coffin
• Peace and justice activist
• Eloquent speaker on the importance of faith and hope
• Preacher in the prophetic tradition of Protestant Christianity
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Ram Dass
• Wise mentor for those on the path of compassionate service
• Pioneer writer on the benefits of being present
• Spiritual scout exploring the territory ahead
Anthony de Mello
• Jesuit priest and psychotherapist
• World renown speaker and workshop leader at spiritual conferences
• Pioneer of multifaith practices and storytelling
John S. Dunne
• Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame
• Catholic priest
• Musician and composer
Wayne Dyer
• Bestselling self-help author
• Storyteller and interpreter of religious classics
• Popular workshop leader on television
Eknath Easwaran
• Founder of the Blue Mountain Center in California
• Erudite and compassionate spiritual teacher
• Translator and interpreter of Indian religious texts
Debbie Ford
• Author of bestselling books on shadow work
• Founder of the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching
• Expert in the field of personal transformation
Frederick Franck
• Artist, sculptor, Renaissance man
• Bridge builder and transreligious visionary with an appreciation of the sacred core of all human beings
• Prolific writer on the meaning of being human against all odds
Bernie Glassman
• Zen Master
• Speaker and workshop leader on spiritual practices and socially responsible businesses
• Cofounder of the Zen Peacemaker Order
Peter J. Gomes
• Plummer Professor of Christian Morals at Harvard University
• Pusey Minister in The Memorial Church, Harvard
• Distinguished American Preacher
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Andrew M. Greeley
• Roman Catholic priest and influential Catholic thinker
• Researcher on the sociology of religion
• Prolific writer of books on religion, including a series of bestselling novels
Margaret Guenther
• Episcopal priest, spiritual director, and retreat leader
• Professor of Ascetical Theology at General Theological Seminary in New York
• Writer on the importance of prayer and listening in the spiritual life
Edward Hays
• Catholic priest
• Creator of vivid parables, psalms, and stories
• Artist of prayer
James Hillman
• Founder of the Archetypal Psychology movement
• Author, lecturer, and scholar in Jungian and Post-Jungian thought
• Leader of men's retreats
Jose Hobday
• Native American elder and storyteller
• Catholic sister of the Franciscan Order
• Lecturer and workshop leader
Thomas Keating
• Co-founder of the Centering Prayer movement
• Master teacher of contemplative prayer and devotion
• Catholic abbot and participant in multifaith dialogues
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
• Spiritual leader for the Sufi Order in the West
• Active in the multifaith movement
• Prolific speaker and writer about the essence of Sufism
Madeleine L'Engle
• Writer of more than 60 books
• Winner of the John Newbery Medal for her children's book A Wrinkle in Time
• Christian laywoman, speaker, and workshop leader
Stephen Levine
• American writer, poet, and mediation teacher
• Pioneer teacher of Theravada Buddhism and Hinduism in the West
• Workshop leader on conscious aging/conscious dying
Ed McGaa (Eagle Man)
• Registered member of the Oglala Sioux
• Writer on Lakota spirituality
• Practitioner of traditional Lakota ceremonies
Thomas Merton
• Pathfinder for the Christian contemplative spirituality movement
• Pioneer of interspirituality and interfaith dialogue
• Social activist and cultural critic
• Featured in The Practicing Democracy Project
Henri J. M. Nouwen
• Roman Catholic priest and spiritual guide
• Prolific writer on spirituality
• Pastor for the L'Arche communities serving people with developmental disabilities
M. Basil Pennington
• Trappist monk who traveled the world
• First Western Christian to spend time at Mount Ethos, a center of Eastern Orthodoxy
• Teacher of Christian practices of devotion
Hugh Prather
• Freelance philosopher
• Radio talk show host
• Minister and lecturer
Gabrielle Roth
• Creator of the 5Rhytms Movement Practice
• Author, workshop leader and theater director
• Dancer, musician and philosopher
Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
• One of the founders of the Jewish Renewal movement
• Catalyst for the spiritual eldering movement and founder of Sage-ing International
• Pioneer in interspirituality
Huston Smith
• Writer and professor of world religions
• Author of the classic text The World's Religions
• Multifaith practitioner
Sobonfu Some
• Widely respected teacher of African spirituality
• Founder of Ancestors Wisdom Spring
• Leader of workshops and retreats on indigenous wisdom
Wayne Teasdale
• Lay monk in the way of the Christian sannyasa
• Activist in building common ground among the world's religions
• Trustee of the Parliament of World Religions
Howard Thurman
• African-American author, educator, and theologian
• A principal architect of the nonviolent civil rights movement
• Co-founder of the first major interracial church in the United States
Jean Vanier
• Advocate for and friend to people with developmental disabilities
• Founder of L'Arche Communities
• Canadian Catholic theologian
Macrina Wiederkehr
• Devotional writer and master of everyday spirituality
• Creative guide to mining the meaning in memories and life experiences
• Benedictine monastic of St. Scholastica Monastery
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