Anger Management by Chagdud Tulku

Being Slow to Anger by Alan Morinis

Break Open Our Hearts by Frances Goulart and Mary Lou Kownacki

Defusing Anger by Thich Nhat Hanh

Diverting Yourself by Joseph Telushkin

Feel the Air on Your Face by Brenda Shoshanna

Gatha for Anger by Barbara Ann Kipfer

How Does Anger Manifest? by Brenda Shoshanna

Humility as an Antidote to Anger by Joseph Telushkin

I Am More Than This! by Franz Metcalf

Let Me Think About That by Allan Lokos

Letting People Off the Hook by Allan Lokos

Lock and Unlock Your Anger by Bradford Keeney

Nonretaliation or Forgiveness by Robert Thurman

Notice Dislike by Jan Chozen Bays

Not Lashing Out by Brenda Shoshanna

Preventing the Explosion by Chagdud Tulka

Recognizing the Presence of Anger by Jean Smith

Reframe the Way You See Those Who Provoke You by Joseph Telushkin

Responding from a Place of Calm by Alan Morinis

See Anger as a Force of Nature by Flora Slossen Weullner and Kent Ira Groff

Seek Right Action by Bernie Siegel

Speak in a Low Voice by Yitzhak Buxbaum

The Tactic of Delay by Yitzhak Buxbaum

Transform Your Mind by Christopher Titmuss

Visualize Your Adversary in Kindness by Lewis Richmond

Watch Your Tongue by Frederic Brussat

Working with Anger by Ezra Bayda