• Altruism
    by Jason Kreag
    Kreag explores altruism — consideration for others without any thought of personal gain — in several areas: the teaching profession, economics, history, the sciences, and philanthropy.
  • American Generosity after Disasters
    by Patrick Rooney
    The Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy provides insights on how quickly donations roll in after disasters, what kind of people give, and how much they contribute.
  • The Basic Buddhist Virtue
    by Ratnaghosa
    Here is an explanation of the five stages of the Buddhist practice of dana: hospitality, conditional giving, helping, harmonizing, and spontaneity.
  • Can You Incentivize Generosity?
    by Jill Suttie
    Research by Samuel Bowles shows that, in his words, "Motives such as reciprocity, generosity, and trust are common, and these preferences may be crowded out by the use of explicit incentives."
  • Dana: The Practice of Generosity
    by the Community at Spirit Rock
    Buddhists revere generosity as one of the central pillars of a spiritual life, acknowledging our interconnectedness.
  • Generosity in Buddhism
    by Nicholas Liusuwan
    The Buddha emphasized the importance of giving as a way of letting go of desire and craving and ridding the mind of greed.
  • Generosity's Perfection
    by Susan Salzberg
    An open heart frees us from attachment, helps us to expand our limits, and enables us to cultivate the good.
  • The Gift of Generosity
    by Phillip Moffit
    A story about an enchanting bell illustrates how one person's gift can become the gift of many.
  • How to Help Kids Learn to Love Giving
    by Jason Marsh
    Here are five science-based activities which encourage children to help people in need by tapping into their strong, natural drive to be kind.
  • Seven Tips For Fostering Generosity
    by Jeremy Adam Smith
    Making local groups feel their global connections and volunteering in the neighborhood are among these tips for year-round giving.
  • 10 Ways to Foster Generosity in Your Students
    by Jessica McFadden
    Activities to embolden children to practice generosity include gratitude journals, collecting pennies for peace, hosting a food or diaper drive, and observing National Day of Service.
  • You Are What You Give
    by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat
    Even during tough financial times, we have at our disposal many ways of giving that strengthen our intention to be connected with others.