Amelie is an immensely entertaining French film about an imaginative young woman who has a generous heart. A discussion guide is available for this film.

Antonia's Line, a wonderfully eccentric film, portrays a stout-hearted woman whose generosity provides a home and vibrant community to a variety of outsiders and pariahs.

Boys on The Side tells the endearing story of three colorful individuals who improvise their own family built upon generosity and care.

I, Daniel Blake depicts the efforts of a widower and handyman who expends large reserves of his time and energy in generous support of a distressed young woman and her two young children.

It Could Happen to You, the story of a lottery winner who shares his winnings with a stranger, goes straight to the heart with its celebration of the virtues of generosity and kindness.

Juno is a bright and funny comedy about a precious, generous, and big-hearted teenager on a mission of love.

McFarland, USA, an exciting sports film, stands as an emotionally rich depiction of community, sharing, and generosity.

The Meddler tells the story of a widow's self-transformation through generosity, kindness, and letting go.

Millions portrays a pint-sized miracle worker who has close encounters with the saints of yesteryear and possesses an open and generous heart.

Pay It Forward is a heart-warming moral adventure story about an 11-year-old boy whose projects of practicing generosity and compassion spreads to others. A discussion guide is available for this film.

Please Give subtly explores the links that tie guilt together with sometimes extravagant gifts of generosity.

Still Mine is a spendid drama about conscious aging, featuring an energetic and long-lived man who seeks to ease his wife's pain and suffering through acts of generosity.

Venus pays tribute to the bounties of a life animated by generosity and pleasure.

The Way We Get By, an extraordinary documentary, salutes the generosity of three elders who serve as troop greeters in Bangor, Maine.