Good Is Giving
"Good is giving, dear sir!
Even when there's little, giving is good.
When done with faith too, giving is good;
The gift of the righteous gain is also good.
And further: Giving discriminately too is good."
— Samyutta Nikaya in Hooked!, Stephanie Kaza, editor

Someone Who Can Kiss God
"Come to my house late at night —
Do not be shy.
Hafiz will be barefoot and dancing.

"I will be
In such a grand and generous mood! …
"Bring all the bottles of wine you own
To this divine table -- the earth
We share.

"If your cellar is empty,
This whole Universe
Could drink forever

"All I could ever want
Is that
You have the priceless company
Of Someone
Who Can Kiss God,

"That you have the priceless gift
Of becoming a servant to the Friend!"
— Hafiz in I Heard God Laughing byDaniel Ladinsky