Accept Invitations by Gershe Sonam Richen voices a thought-provoking perspective on how to respond to invitations.

Be Generous with Your Love by Arthur Green inspires spiritual generosity and loving action.

Birthday Every Month by Macrina Wiederkehr celebrates the importance of honoring and nurturing yourself regularly.

Doing Favors for Others by Yitzhak Buxbaum describes doing favors as embodying the divine directive to love your neighbor.

Feel at One with Your Giving by Shunryu Suzuki-roshi kindles deep thoughtfulness about what and how we give.

Freely Given Gifts by Tom Cowan encourages us to give away gifts we do not need.

Generosity to an Adversary by Lewis Richmond presents three ideas for honoring yourself and your adversary.

Give Away Something by Matthew Fox prompts us to give freely of our hands, head, and heart.

Giving of Yourself by Kent Nerburn invites us to share in the miracle of simple openings of the heart.

Irrational Generosity by Arjuna Ardagh suggests we beyond our usual restraint when it comes to giving freely.

Return a Lost Object by Brenda Shoshanna counsels returning anything you notice has been lost -- whether a wallet or hope.

Think Less About Your Needs by Andrew Harvey motivates spontaneous and fearless giving.

What Could I Do with This Money? by Tom Cowan recommends making the practice of tithing your own.

What You Shall Do by Walt Whitman gives us marching orders for a well-lived life.