Be a Counterculture Activist by Scott Russell Sanders

Be Open to Others by Margaret J. Wheatley

Beginner's Mind by Allan Lokos

Child's Pose by Andrew Harvey and Karuna Erickson

Could You Let It Go? by Arjuna Ardagh

Diploma in Not Knowing by Bradford Keeney

Getting to Know You by Bernie S. Siegel

Heart Meditation Practice by Jamal Rahman

Holy Simplicity by Paula Huston

I Don't Know by Rachel Naomi Remen

Imagine You See Jesus before You by Anthony de Mello

Kneeling in Prayer by Sharon Connors

Let Everyone Be Right by Brenda Shoshanna

Look a Homeless Person in the Eye by Alan Epstein

Credit: Andrew Milligan /PA Wire Secret Acts of Kindness by Joseph Telushkin

Seeking Strength by Frances Sheridan Goulart from a Native American Prayer

Small Voluntary Sufferings by Tom Cowan

Tripping Ourselves by Bradford Keeney

Understand True Humility by Jean Smith