• Fumbling
    Kerry Egan recounts her pilgrimage in northern Spain on the medieval route of the Camino de Santiago. Her intention was to come to terms with grief over her father's death and to discern what to do with her life. In the process, she is forced to struggle with the ordeal of walking eight to ten hours a day.
  • Healing Walks for Hard Times
    Carolyn Scott Kortge presents an eight-week guided program designed to generate renewed energy, physical fitness, emotional strength, and the healing of mind, body, and soul. She delivers thoughtful commentary on integrating mindfulness on your walks, the value of self-talk, and the connection between wellness and movement.
  • The Spirited Walker
    Carolyn Scott Kortge sees the connection between sole and soul. Walking, according to the author, is a devotional path that leads through body to Spirit. Kortge also discusses proper walking techniques and how to set up a walking routine.
  • Surprises Around the Bend
    Richard A. Hasler offers brief inspirational biographies of 50 adventurous walkers including physicians and naturalists, poets and novelists, politicians and teachers, pilgrims and seekers, prophets and social reformers. The author, a Presbyterian minister, shares his belief that the most creative people in history have been walkers.
  • Walk in a Relaxed Manner
    Joyce Rupp gives a spiritually revealing account of her 47-day pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago in Spain at the age of 60. The long daily walks prove to be a challenge for her but she soldiers on with faith and eyes wide open. Rupp comes to a new appreciation of her body, for living in the moment, and for communing with those who have gone before her on this journey.
  • Walking Home
    Margaret Guenther begins this paperback with the walkers in the Garden of Eden and ends with Jesus' walk with the men on the road to Emmaus. Others included in this account are Hagar, Abraham and Isaac, Moses, Mary and Joseph, the prodigal son, and others. "The point of all our walking (tedious or joyous, rambling or purposeful) is going home."

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