• Before Sunrise is a fetching and fluid romantic drama about two strangers who express their most intimate feelings through conversation during their one day and night together. This exquisite drama, directed by the inimitable Richard Linklater, depicts how intimacy can be created by the simple act of walking and talking — in this case through the city of Vienna.
  • Before Sunset revolves around the re-encounter nine years later in Paris of the couple from Before Sunrise. Once again they walk around the city, conversing about their lives since they were together, their regrets, and their feelings in the moment.
  • The Children of Huang Shi is set in China in 1938 when an English photographer rescues 60 orphans from sure death and takes them on a long and dangerous walk to a new life.
  • Examined Life is an unusual documentary that presents eight intellectuals offering their perspectives on philosophical matters. The director films most of them talking while they are walking.
  • Vajra Sky Over Tibet is an enthralling documentary about the richness of traditional Tibetan Buddhism, including the devotion of the people as they walk to and through sacred sites.
  • The Way Back depicts the daring escape of seven prisoners from a Soviet gulag in 1940 and their dangerous and degrading long walk to freedom.

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