12 Basic Books

Brother to a Dragonfly by Will Campbell is a fascinating memoir of a Southern Baptist preacher who was an activist during the Civil Rights movement.

Clarence Jordan by Clarence Jordan and Joyce Hollyday covers the life and writings of a true Protestant prophet who believed in community, reconciliation, speaking out against war, and walking his talk.

Credo by William Sloane Coffin is a soul-stirring collection of quotations from the sermons and articles of a pioneer of socially engaged Christianity known for his incisive thinking, imaginative political insights, and prophetic calls for action.

Dakota by Kathleen Norris is an engaging memoir that pays tribute to the spiritual meanings of place, community, storytelling, solitude, change, and more.

Encountering God by Diana L. Eck reports on a Methodist's encounters in India that convince her of the value of pluralism as her faith deepens by exposure to the spiritual practices of other religions.

Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren offers a portrait of a new kind of Christian who takes seriously the radical vision of Jesus and is therefore totally engaged in making a positive difference
in a world through service to others and the environment.

God's Politics by Jim Wallis gives a social justice advocate's cogent assessment of the political dynamics in the United States, recommending to all parties a new faith perspective based on justice, compassion, peace, and hope.

Howard Thurman by Howard Thurman and Luther E. Smith Jr. is a collection that reveals the many sides of this African-American teacher, preacher, philosopher, and Civil Rights activist, who saw everything as part of his spiritual journey.

Plan B by Anne Lamott offers entertaining accounts of a gifted writer and committed Presbyterian's experiences in which she finds examples of hope, resurrection, and rebirth.

Sabbath by Wayne Muller provides good counsel on the value of setting aside Sabbath moments in our hectic schedules along with spiritual practices for these sanctuaries in time.

The Silent Cry by Dorothee Soelle is a monumental theological work on the depth charges of mysticism
intertwined with nonviolent political action.

The Way of Prayer by Jane Vennard and Stephen Bryant gives an overview of this devotional practice covering embodied prayer, finding icons in ordinary surroundings, contemplative and intercessory prayer, and social transformation.

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