Tolkien An engaging biopicture that hints at the origins of the themes and sty…
My Son (Mon Garcon) A throttling study of the toxic dynamics of anger.
Family A comedy about a workaholic loner who discovers that she and her niece…
Clara A close encounter with the ineffable mysteries of both human relations…
Long Shot A raucous and rambunctious rom-com that makes some good points about g…
The River and the Wall A remarkable documentary that gives us hope that young people document…


Sicilian Ghost Story A haunting tale of love that transcends horror.
Cold War (Zimna wojna) A passionate, episodic journey through the freezing and thawing of a c…
Everybody Knows A family drama that explores the long-term effects of family secrets.
Moynihan The life and accomplishments of a bold creative spirit in American pol…
Love, Gilda Informative and emotionally touching documentary about the beloved com…
Ben Is Back Drama about a mother's determination to keep her opioid addicted son i…

Our Philosophy

How do you find spirituality in today’s films? How can you make watching a film into a spiritual experience? Frederic and Mary Ann share their trade secrets.

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