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The Social Dilemma Explanations and predictions from some of the creators of social media about the consequences of our growing dependence upon digital communications. Attention
My Octopus Teacher A documentary illustrating the spiritual practice of reverence by a diver observing an octopus for a year. Reverence
Minari A touching slice-of-life story of a Korean-American family trying to create their own version of the American Dream. Openness
Jose A moving meditation on queer coming-of-age in an unaccepting environment. Love
Roadkill A political thriller that raises questions about our tolerance for corruption. Shadow
Soul An animated masterpiece about a soul's adventure that will get you thinking and talking about the life and the afterlife, your passions and purpose, and the spark that sets it all going. You
Palm Springs A romantic comedy about two people forced to really live in the present moment. Love
La Llorona A ghost story with an urgent political message. Shadow
Another Round A drunken tumble through midlife crises, which calls for dissection in community conversation. Yearning
Time An intimate account of mass incarceration’s toll on one family and a celebration of the power of love. Justice
One Night in Miami A fictional recreation of a gathering of four Black leaders and their sometimes heated conversation about their goals and aspirations. Justice
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom A fierce and poetic study of music, history, and racism. Justice
News of the World Western about the healing power of storytelling and kindness as a spiritual practice. Kindness
The Father A drama with a mix of sunshine and shadows about a man facing dementia and his daughter struggling to provide him the care he refuses. Love
Sound of Metal A quietly powerful portrait of disability, addiction, and recovery. Silence
Promising Young Woman An inventive feminist study of revenge and grief. Justice
Nomadland The remarkable odyssey of a feisty woman who finds community and her true self in her home on the road. You
Farewell Amor A touching family drama about the sacred powers of dance. Transformation
Softie Involving documentary about the challenges facing a fearless young activist and his family in Kenya. Justice
The Salt of Tears Chronicle of a man and three different women who discover the disappointments, heartbreaks, and surprises in romantic relationships. Love
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